The Ealing Clinic

Chiropody / Podiatry

Chiropody is not just for the elderly. I make regular visits to several old people's homes but my clients cover a wide age range. I treat young children (there’s nowhere better than a school changing room to acquire a verruca); young men with sports-related problems (footballers with flat feet; cricketers with in-growing toe-nails) middle-aged ramblers with corns, and women who just want to look their best (there’s no point wearing expensive sandals if your feet look unattractive). 

My surgery contains an array of scalpels, acids and liquid nitrogen canisters but with 30 years’ experience I find the most effective tool at my disposal is my ability to listen (did I mention that I’m also a trained counsellor?). Problems with the feet are often only the symptoms of a seemingly unrelated condition. Active listening skills allow me to get to the bottom of the problem and recommend a plan of treatment tailored to the individual needs of the client.

And if “a plan of treatment” sounds expensive you may be pleasantly surprised. Effective treatments sometimes demand no more than an inexpensive heel lift or a minor lifestyle adjustment such as a change in the position of your car seat.

If you’d like advice on corns, calluses, cracked heels, fungal infections, verrucae, in-growing toe-nails,  posture problems or looking good in sandals please give me a call.

Veena Sharma

M.Ch.S. S.R.Ch.

State-Registered Chiropodist